Supreme Court Office

Office Hours

  • Morning Hours:- 8:30am – 12:30pm .
  • Afternoon Hours:- 1:30pm – 3:30pm .

Office closesduring lunch breaks, weekends and public holidays.

Contact us:

  • Phone number: 7400831 (for all enquiries) 
  • Email address:

The Supreme Court has jurisdiction to hear all cases arising under the Constitution and the Laws of the Kingdom except those cases concerning titles to land which are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Land Court (clause 90 of the Constitution).  It also hears appeals from the Magistrate’s Court (section 74 of the Magistrate’s Court Act).

Appeals from decisions of the Supreme Court are made to the Court of Appeal.

The Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by His Majesty in Privy Council (clause 86 of the Constitution). 

The Supreme Court Judges are presently appointed for fixed terms.  They hold office during good behavior (clause 87 of the Constitution).

The Judges in the Supreme Court are:

  • Lord Chief Justice Hon. Michael H. Whitten QC
  • Justice Niu
  • Justice Cooper

The Supreme Court sits at Nuku’alofa but also undertakes circuits to the Outer Islands.  

The Supreme Court’s workload broadly covers the following areas (referred to as divisions) namely:

  • Criminal;
  • Civil;
  • Appellate (from the Magistrate’s Court including civil and criminal cases);
  • Family (including custody and access, divorce, adoptions and wedlock applications); and
  • Estate Administration.
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