Bailiff Office

There are only two offices of this division, the main office in Tongatapu and a sub-office in Vava’u. The main office in Tongatapu also administers the bailiff duties for the island groups of Ha’apai, ‘Eua and the two Niuas.

Functions of the Bailiff Division are provided for under the Bailiffs Act (the Act), Section 7(1) as follows:

  • To execute writs, warrants and orders of a Court; 
  • To perform any other functions required by a Court, or under any other law;
  • To attend any Court when required to do so;
  • To serve summonses and other document or process required to be served by the Rules of any Court;
  • To ensure the safe keeping of all copies of any document required by the Court to be executed, served or used for any functions required by the Court; and
  • To ensure the safe keeping of all money, goods, chattels or proceeds which are required to be in the custody of the Bailiffs in the performance of their duties and function until disposed of as ordered by the Courts.
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