The Supreme Court has all the powers of the magistrate’s courts and appellate jurisdiction in relation to decisions of the magistrate’s courts.

  • Has civil jurisdiction in:
  • cases where the amount claimed exceeds $50,000;
  • in divorce, probate and admiralty matters;
  • and in any other matters not specifically allotted to any other tribunal.
  • Has jurisdiction to hear appeals as of right from the civil judgment or order of a magistrate.
  • Is empowered to try all indictable offences and has criminal jurisdiction in relation to all offences that carry a maximum penalty of a fine that is more that $50,000 or a period of imprisonment exceeding seven years
Supreme Court, Land Court and Court of Appeal Staff
Magistrate Court at Fasi


The Magistrate Court has its own general criminal jurisdiction in respect of offences punishable by way of a fine not exceeding $10,000 or a period of less than three years’ imprisonment. In addition, it has an enhanced jurisdiction to hear criminal cases remitted to it by consent of the parties from the Supreme Court where the offences is punishable by way of a fine not exceeding $50,000 or a period of seven years’ imprisonment. There is presently only one Magistrate who exercises this enhanced jurisdiction.

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