Public announcement Amnesty Program Phase I of the Regitrar General’s Office 2019.


A Public Announcement from the Ministry of Justice and Prisons regarding late application for registration of births submitted through the Amnesty Program Phase I of the Regitrar General’s Office 2019.

This is a public announcement from the Registrar General’s Office to the members of the public that submitted in applications  through the Amnesty Program Phase I, which took place from 15 April, 2019 to 31 May, 2019. The purpose of the Amnesty Prgoram was to waive registration fees for those who have yet to be registered in Tonga’s Civil Registry.  It has almost been a year since initating this program, and yet there are some applications that have not been processed because the contact details provided on the applications have been altered. Hence, this public announcement serves to advice those applicants who have not been contacted, or whose appiclations have not been processed, or those whom were directed to provide additional information, becaue of time constrain,  to please contact the  number 7400080 or make contacts directly to the Registrar General’s Office, located at the main office of the Ministry of Justice, corner of Lavinia abd Kausela Roads to follow-up and to finalize your applications.

The deadline for the processing of these appilcation is the Thursday 30 April, 2020. Please take note, that after 30 April, 2020 no additional work will be carried out regarding these applications and it is for the applicants to pick up their applications and to submit in through the normal procedure, that is by paying the registration fees for the applications specified under BDM Registration Act and policies.

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