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The Ministry’s vision is to see that justice in the Kingdom of Tonga will be administered fairly, independently, efficiently and in a manner that the people of Tonga can understand. To support this vision, we are committed to our mission to ‘provide judicial and related services in the Kingdom, founded on the principles of the independence of the Judiciary and the provision of Justice for all in accordance with the due process of law, fairness, humanitarian concern and respect for the individual.’ Such a function demands the efficient enforcement of Court judgments; the provision of pre-sentence reports and supervision of non-custodial sentences; the provision of accurate vital statistics in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner; the provision of quality policy advice to Government; and encouraging people to resolve disputes within the ambits of the Court processes.

Clearly, in keeping with this vision and mission, we must be guided by Core Values and Principles that drive our collective efforts. We are therefore committed to the principles of fairness, humanity and respect for the individual; individual and organizational accountability; quality performance; and timeliness in service both internally and externally; continuous learning and improvements; and sustainable development.

The current Minister of Justice is Hon. Sione Vuna Fa’otusia. He was appointed in January 2015.

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